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Every transaction, negotiation or dispute involves legal issues and positions that are rarely ever black and white.  In each circumstance, the parties’ competing objectives, viewpoints and the law present a host of grey areas to be evaluated and resolved.  The very best lawyers are able to navigate the grey areas skillfully and efficiently to achieve success for their clients.

Enter Grey Street Legal, a non-traditional law firm established to provide comprehensive commercial legal services tailored to our corporate and individual clients’ business needs and demands.  With more than thirty years of combined large-firm and in-house experience, our attorneys are defined by their ability to steer clients through the infinite grey areas confronting their business every day.  Grey Street Legal utilizes a unique and flexible billing model that provides the advantages of a large traditional law firm with those of a dedicated in-house legal staff, without the costs and inefficiencies associated with conventional legal service arrangements.

Please contact us to learn more about Grey Street Legal, a unique team of attorneys delivering real-world excellence every day.  Our offices are located in the greater Philadelphia area, convenient to serving our clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

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